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About Bellamora

Bellamora was a skin care company that, utilizing the network marketing model of distribution, attempted to launch in early 2011. 

Due to internal problems, and management issues the company folded before they ever got off the ground. 

I took a position in this company during their pre-launch phase for a number of reasons. First, I saw some videos showing immediate results with the products. Second, Alison LaMarr was the corporate trainer. Alison was a top distributor with Mary Kay cosmetics, and I felt that she would probably have a stronger sense of the company’s viability. 

Unfortunately, the company was unable to resolve their issue, and get the product to market. 

My business partner, Wendy d’Entremont and I were now left with an organization of sales people, and no product. So we went on the hunt.  We finally settled on Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse has everything we were looking for personally and for our team. the management team is solid, and have a strong track record of successes in their past. The company is shipping into over 70 international markets. Best of all, the product line is fantastic.

The flagship product is a serum utilizing adult stem cell technology developed by Dr Nathan Newman. It reverses the appearance of aging at the cellular level. Since you are here anyway, go ahead and click on the tabs in the menu at the top of the page and find out more. We truly believe we have found something remarkable. We have had 100% positive feedback on the product so far! 

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